30+ Smart Nursery Products You Need on Your Baby Shower Registry

Bringing home a new little bundle of joy soon? Get ready for that baby with a whole new array of smart products, designed for the nurseries of tech-savvy, smart home-connected parents.

So you just brought your baby home from the hospital, and now you're taking shifts watching them sleep all night. There's gotta be a better way, right?

If you've ever brought a baby home from the NICU — or even just from the hospital in general — you understand the worry and fears of brand new parents, fussing over every detail of their baby's cribs and watching their baby's every breath. Add to that the fact that SIDS is the number one cause of death for babies between one month and one year of age, and you've got some terrified parental newbies on your hands. 

Take heart! Technology has now aligned with today's modern nursery, giving frantic moms and dads a way to breathe easy. New smart nursery devices monitor your baby's vitals, making sure they're just fine in their crib, while bringing you the peace of mind you need to get yourself rested well enough to take great care of them. 

And although some dismiss baby-monitoring wearables or other such smart baby devices as lacking in sufficient scientific evidence to back up their benefits, the companies generally make no medical claims, so they're not monitored by the FDA — and for most parents who use them, they're a welcome breath of fresh air, evidence or no evidence. 

What’s more? There are some really fun, cutting edge smart products to enhance your nursery in other ways too — like not only connected baby monitors but intelligent beds and other devices such as Happiest Baby's SNOO Smart Sleeper, Hatch Baby's electronic changing table, Halo SnoozyPod, and the Baby Shusher. Here are our rankings:

  • Most innovative: Owlet and SNOO
  • Best for fussy babies: Grohush
  • Highest customer rating: Infant Optics baby monitor
  • Best for breast-feeding: Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad
  • Best for all ages of children's growth: Nuna strollers

So, join us — we’ve got all these and more, as we've gone in for the best of smart nursery products and features that make them a comfort to new parents. Take a deep breath, know we've got your back, and check these out.

Smart baby monitors


Founded in 2013 and internationally launched in 2017, Owlet's mission sets customers on a journey to empowered parenting, ensuring they have better tools to care for their baby at home.

The Owlet Smart Sock 2 baby monitor's sock, which contains a pulse oximeter, fits snugly over your baby's foot to track their heart rate and oxygen levels throughout their slumber. If their levels of either change, you'll get a notification to the app in your phone.

Additionally, the Owlet base glows in different colors to indicate different things. For example, when all is fine with your baby, the Owlet docking station lights up green. If the sock falls off your baby, it will glow yellow, and if their heart rate or oxygen reaches concerningly low (or high) levels, it will turn red, flash, and emit an alert. 

Over time, the data collected (which includes total hours slept, deep sleep vs. light sleep, etc. in addition to heart rate and oxygen levels) can be utilized to contribute to your baby's best routine and sleep habits. 

With this technology in place, it's no wonder that Owlet has been the winner of 3 best baby monitor awards! Find a Smart Owlet retailer near you with this store locator.

More about Owlet:

Price/Where to Buy: $299.99 here. You can also get financing as low as $25.00 per month for a year. Find Owlet promo codes here.


  • Step-by-step instructions are included with pictures, and the app also takes you through each step for setup
  • Comes with 3 different size washable socks to fit your baby's foot perfectly
  • It carries 4 solid stars on Amazon after 766 reviews
  • 96% of parents report less anxiety after setting up Owlet
  • Throughout the month of October, you'll get Sleep Baby Safe and Snug, a free book written about safe sleep practices
  • Free shipping with Smart sock purchases (over $199)
  • The 45 day refund policy makes this a superb choice for baby registries and showers


  • Some reported getting inaccurate oxygen readings on their device, which they later confirmed by comparing at their pediatrician's office
  • For newborns, readings may be a bit more prone to false alarms or inaccuracy due to their "less robust blood flow" (according to some reviews)
  • Expensive

Bottom line:

For the most part, you should be able to set your mind at ease with your baby's foot in Owlet! Some may find that older babies seem to generally get more reliable readings than newborns, but most parents give this system high praise anyway. You'll need iOS 8 or higher or Android 4.4 or higher for this monitor to sync properly with your phone, and you must have WiFi. Note: If you're getting concerned about your baby's readings, contact your physician ASAP.

Motorola Video Baby Monitor

According to the Motorola site, this monitor offers portable viewing of your baby from any room and full HD video streaming (1080p) — plus lots more!

Adjust the portable, rechargeable camera to get the perfect angle on your sleeping babe, zoom in to check their breathing, pan out to check the room's security.

It’s great to have a sitter you can trust, but sometimes it feels good to be able to double check on the baby ourselves too — right, parents? Just need a quick peek at your baby from the gym, work, or while you run to the pharmacy? Take the portable baby monitor with you! 

Want to see the rest of the great features this setup provides? Check our ‘Pros’ section below.

More about the Motorola Video Baby Monitor:

Price/Where to Buy: $399.99 here. Find Motorola promo codes here


  • Has 2-way communication
  • Lets you see your baby in the dark with infrared night vision
  • Tracks sleep quality, temperature, activity, and noise level, conditions in the nursery, smile and cry detection,  if windows/doors are secure, and monitor baby's weight
  • Expandable by up to 4 additional cameras
  • You can receive humidity level readings from your baby's nursery and direct the integrated Motorola Smart Nursery Humidifier+ to moisten the air
  • You can connect a Smart Nursery Dream Machine with light show projector, 3 animated scenes, and 10 lullabies


  • Some reported difficulty setting up WiFi; (others reported it was "a breeze")
  • Some indicated the product’s reported nursery temperature was often inaccurate
  • Some felt the volume level was too low for them to hear their baby
  • Although those who purchase directly from Motorola  likely won’t have this problem, some who’ve purchased from Amazon were certain they’d received used products with scratched screens, etc.

Bottom line:

If you’re going to buy this, purchasing directly from Motorola loos like your best bet. Check your time spent doing setup and how securely the WiFi connects. Can you hear your baby with the volume turned up? If things don’t work well, be sure to return promptly. Read refund policy details here.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

Another simple way to check on baby with your smartphone, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor lets anyone with the right password log in from any smartphone or tablet with iOS or Android to view and even speak to your baby through the app. 

You can see your snoozing little one clearly with the night vision provided too, and set up lullabies to play at nap time through the device.

The unlimited range means you can check on your little sweetheart from anywhere — work, the McDonald's drive-thru, or the grocery store — while the secure digital monitor eliminates the fear of IoT hacking by strangers or stalkers.

More about the Withings Smart Baby Monitor:

Price/Where to Buy: $299.99 here. Find Withings promo codes here.


  • Easy to set up
  • Clear picture 
  • Feature-rich, including white noise, lullaby, night light
  • Multiple cameras can be set up for monitoring with the Withings app


  • The app’s pre-set super sensitivity means you may get more notifications than desired; turn down sensitivity to limit this
  • Continuous monitoring may drain phone; set up another device for monitoring, i.e. your iPad, to free phone up
  • Some reported losing WiFi often and device would not automatically reconnect
  • Slight video/audio lag at times
  • Lullaby, ocean sounds, white noise feature is great for helping baby sleep; keep in mind, you’ll be listening to it all on your end too

Bottom line:

The Withings Smart Baby Monitor ticks all the boxes and does what it proposes to do, with a few exceptions. Some have noticed the power cord included may require close monitoring as it sets up close to the baby's crib, and the crib mount seems unstable as well. Check out Crash Test Mom's review of the Withings smart baby monitor for details on these issues.

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

Another option for the connected home is the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor, complete with sleep, breathing, temperature, and activity tracking, as well as audio streaming to your phone from your nursery, and snapshots of how your baby slept.  

Mimo's wearable turtle hooks up through the whimsical Wi-Fi connected Lilypad, streaming real-time information about your baby to the cloud, and then onto your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Price/Where to Buy: $143.99 here. Find Mimo promo codes here.


  • Uses ultra low-power Bluetooth Low Energy to keep your baby safe
  • Comes with 3 machine washable cotton Mimo kimonos in sizes fitting 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 months
  • Turtle is water-resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Available on iOS and Android


  • Kimono sizes run small compared to other brands
  • App may log you off intermittently
  • Some reported having significant problems getting the Mimo to work, but most were able to get help from the 800 number provided

Bottom line:

The Mimo Smart Baby Monitor is great monitors for the techie parent, but do remember the kimonos run quite a bit small in size, so you'll want to order at least a size larger than your babe currently wears. Also, if you can't get them to setup and work properly, try this site or this number: 1-877.415.6466.

Other smart baby monitors

Now while these were our favorites, if you're still looking for the best smart baby monitor, there are a few more you could peek at. Do a quick browse of these to help make your final decision. 

And now — We're heading onto some other areas of the nursery we can smarten up with some tech-enabled, innovative new devices for the smart home with everything!

Smart nursery items you'll want on your baby registry

SNOO Smart Bassinet

Touted as the smartest baby bed ever made, the SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet from Happiest Baby soothes babies back to sleep so parents can sleep — while sending notifications to the app when baby needs more attention than the SNOO can provide. Using 3 microphones to clearly monitor and identify your little one's crying when they awake, the SNOO begins a unique combination of vibration and gentle white noise to ease baby back to sleep .

Gentle swinging or other movements go faster or slower depending upon the way your baby sounds. 

The womb-like environment enables your baby to sleep up to a full hour longer or more, and the 5-second swaddles provided to fit sizes 5 to 26 pounds clip to each side, ensuring your baby can't roll over onto their back - as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Great for babies with medical issues, i.e. needing to keep tubing  inserted, etc., the SNOO ensures baby can only stay in one position throughout the night, swaddled cozily in place.

More about SNOO:

Price/Where to Buy: $870.00 here (or get financing through Affirm for payments as low as $72/month). Find Happiest Baby promo codes here.


  • The accompanying app provides options to help transition your baby to crib
  • Comes with a 30-day no-risk trial 
  • Provides choice of 3 white-noise sounds to calm baby to sleep
  • Also comes with an organic fitted sheet and 3 organic cotton SNOO Sacks
  • 30-day return policy with free shipping both ways


  • Expensive
  • Some babies did not respond well to the SNOO, but these were rare occasions (Note: one reviewer noticed the movements of the SNOO made their baby nauseous; this could be dangerous if the baby can't turn their head to avoid choking if they do vomit)
  • Some parents did not like the SNOO's vibrations and felt it made their baby nauseous and unable to cry or otherwise make it stop

Bottom line:

Happiest Baby's SNOO is widely loved by most parents and most babies seem to like it and find it comforting as well. We do think keeping the baby nearby in case crying or other distress does not subside after a few minutes would be a good idea, at least at first, just in case the app happens to disconnect. 

Ellie sterilizer

When baby is sick, or you're attempting to ward off a harsh flu season or be proactive regarding other types of illness prevention, the Ellie portable 60-second sterilizer can make a great addition to the smartest of nurseries.

Keep it in your baby's nursery to clean germs off all she needs at nap time — from binkies and teething rings to her favorite toys or other items. Easily take it with you to grandma's for the day or even an afternoon at the fun but not-so-clean park.

Did you drop the pacifier into the garbage can? Just pop it inside the Ellie for 60 seconds, and it's germ-free again. No need for harsh chemicals, counterproductive triclosan, or extra unnecessary washings when you have Ellie's TruViolet technology -  this UV light kills 99.9% of a vast array of microbes, including the antibiotic resistant types.

More about Ellie: 

Price/Where to Buy: Preorder one here for $129 (although currently closed) - or you may also contact Rayvio Corporation at (510) 575-9900 or via their online contact form here to get info on when it will be released. Want some alternatives? Amazon has pages of similar products that would work well in your smart, connected nursery here. Find Ellie promo codes here.


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Requires no water
  • Available in 4 colors - something for every nursery
  • Excellent for keeping baby's binkies, toys, and bottles clean for naptime


  • The Indiegogo is in limbo mode

Bottom line:

Ellie seems like a great products, but it's not unusual for an Indiegogo to fall into limbo; reach out to the company (which is absolutely legit, call them at the number above), or skim Amazon or your local department stores for similar products. This one's only $7.99 and here's one for $9.90, both very similar.

Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

Aside from connected baby monitors, intelligent devices like the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad also exist to dazzle tech-minded new parents. Measure baby's feedings, track their weight and diaper changes, chart their length, monitor how many hours of sleep they're getting, and invite all of their caregivers in on the fun across multiple devices as well. 

The Hatch Smart Changing Pad has a built-in wireless smart scale that tracks all of the information you could want to know about your baby.

More about Hatch Baby:

Price/Where To Buy: $129.99 here. Find Hatch Baby promo codes here.


  • Easily wipes clean 
  • Comes with free app, compatible with iOS 9 and higher or Android KitKat or higher
  • Utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy, safer for the baby
  • Maintains a solid 4-stars on Amazon after nearly 100 reviews
  • Great for breastfeeding moms to know exactly how much her baby is eating


  • Although great for easy cleanup, the changing pad's cover is a bit cold for a naked baby's back; some recommended lying a light blanket down before putting baby on it
  • Some reported inaccurate measurements on feedings and weight (Customer service offered to make it right as it's supposed to be accurate to .25 oz)

Bottom line:

Hatch Baby's changing pad is a perfect addition to an impressively connected smart nursery, and a simple way to monitor your baby's weight gain and feedings. The neutral color makes it suitable for boys' and girls' rooms, as well as reusable for more than one child. 

So....what do you think?

Still didn't find everything you wanted for the smart home baby shower registry? Keep browsing. There's a bunch more products for the tech-savvy moms and dads who have everything. Check out:

Interested in any of these, or did you find something we missed? Let us know in the comments! We'd love to hear about your smart nursery anytime!


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